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Harp Ensemble Program

Harp Ensemble
Elizabeth Blakeslee, Director

AYPO is proud to introduce our new Harp Ensemble. Under the expert direction of Elizabeth Blakeslee, the harp ensemble will rehearse weekly on Mondays from 5:30-7:00 and will perform several times a year. Its repertoire will include arrangements for harp ensemble as well as original works. Any harpist who has had at least one year of private instruction and plays on an instrument with a minimum of 34 strings with a full set of levers is invited to join.

Within the program, AYPO will provide two different tracks for harpists of different skill levels.

For those harpists who have had private instruction for at least one year, but do not yet feel that they are ready to audition for one of AYPO’s orchestras:

- Please submit a video audition, via a YouTube link to, of a solo piece of your choice (between 2-5 minutes) and complete the AYPO Harp Ensemble application, attached here by June 15. You will be notified by August 1 as to the status of your application.

For those harpists who play pedal harp, have had multiple years of private instruction and are interested in being a symphonic harpist with one of AYPO’s three full orchestras:

- Please apply to one of AYPO’s orchestras as a harpist using the standard audition application [here]. Symphonic harpists will be accepted into the program as members of AYPO as a whole rather than as members of a specific orchestra. These musicians may be asked to play with AYCO, AYSO, and AYP over the course of the season as schedules and the repertoire of the season demand. In addition, these musicians will take part in master classes and group coachings and be members of the Harp Ensemble. Symphonic harpists will also be eligible to audition for the Chamber Ensemble Program and, if accepted, will be invited to participate in that program for an additional $250. Harpists will not be able to partake in both the Chamber Ensemble Program and the Harp Ensemble, and if invited to join the Chamber program, must choose between the two.

- If you apply for an AYPO orchestra and are not accepted, you may still be invited to join the AYPO Harp Ensemble.    

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