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Marlisa Woods

Marlisa Woods.jpg

Marlisa woods

Years in AYPO: 1986-1994

Instrument: Violin

Current Occupation: Violinist and Small Ensembles Producer, The United States Army Orchestra 

Current City of Residence: Fairfax, VA

Current Musical Involvement: U.S. Army Strings – Chamber Orchestra, Quartet and other chamber music, Leader of the Strolling Strings, Bluegrass Fiddle, and Violin Soloist; Alexandria Symphony Orchestra – principal second; Baltimore Symphony Orchestra sub; Baroque violinist; Other freelance work; Violin Teacher

Favorite Piece to Perform: The one I’m currently performing! I enjoy performing a range of styles, from early music on baroque violin, to subbing with the Baltimore Symphony and performing large orchestral works, to performing memorized pieces and strolling at the State Department, to playing bluegrass fiddle with my husband. Every experience is unique and I’m grateful for every time I get to share great music with others.  

Is there a specific memory or experience that impacted your decision to pursue a music career? I saw Itzhak Perlman on Sesame Street when I was 4 and told my mom that’s what I wanted to do.  I remember my first day in JYS.  I was amazed at the full sound of the orchestra and knew I wanted to pursue an orchestral career after that.  My parents were always very supportive and provided the means for me to be able to receive the best instruction and training.  My Dad was Treasurer of the AYPO board and President for several years, and that support made me feel confident that I was pursuing something worthwhile and meaningful.  I was blessed with great teachers and mentors along the way, including Maestro Luis Haza who I studied with starting in 9th grade when I was accepted into the NSO Fellowship Program.   

Any advice for young musicians interested in pursuing a music career? Be wise in your practicing regimen and strategies so you can leverage your time and avoid injury.  Be flexible in your study of music – be curious and open to other musical styles so you have a wide range of experiences that are marketable. Never stop learning and pursuing excellence – find ways to continually challenge yourself and get feedback from leaders in the field. Know what your goals are and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.