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Senior Spotlight: Sagada Penano, bassoon

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Senior Spotlight: Sagada Penano, bassoon

Chloe McIntosh


School: Lake Braddock High School


What AYPO ensembles have you played in and for how long?

AYP for 3 years


Your favorite/most memorable musical memory?

My most memorable musical memory was when I accidentally played during the grand pause in my first concert with AYP. It was really embarrassing at the time but now I can look back on it lightheartedly.


What musician inspires you and why?

Jacob Collier inspires me because he is incredibly talented and creative, yet one of the most humble and under appreciated musicians in the modern music scene. 

Advice for young musicians?

My advice for young musicians is to always play confidently and passionately, even if you might make a mistake. A strong, confident melody with one wrong note sounds much better than all the right notes played timidly. Just don't play during a grand pause. 

What do you hope to do after graduation?

This summer, I plan to visit South Korea with my two best friends, mountain bike, and rock climb. In the fall, I will attend Stanford to study music and physics.