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Recent News

Congratulations 2018-2019 Seniors!

Molly Schranck

Congratulations AYPO Seniors
Class of 2019

Aislin Carpenter
Alan Jiang
Alex Haldane
Alexis Watkinson
Alfonso Sánchez
Amanda Welch
Andrew Gantzer
Austin Amacher
Caitlyn Clingenpeel
Catherine Hiu
Catherine George
Christopher Deng
Christopher Bi
Clayton Bostick
Crystal Zhou
Diego Jaques
Diego Stine
Eric Hegemann
Erik Wartenberg
Estella Mota Pinto
Felix Curtis
Forrest Johnston
Gabriel Yu
Geoffrey Kulp
Graham Lovely
Harin Ok
Huay Din
Ila Sharma
Irene Kim
Irene Paek
Isabelle Lesmana
Jacqueline Hritzo
Jake Fitzgerald
Jason Smith
Jasper de Boor
Jenna Bachmann
Jessica Kwon
Jisoo Park
Joanna Rider
John Park
Katie Curry
Liam McGrail
Libby Stewart
Lilli Mathews
Lourdes de la Peña
Madeline Yu
Madelyn Kline
Matthew Kirschner
Michelle Li
Nathaniel Coughlin
Patrick Lee
Raymond Schleien
Rebecca Whitten
Ryan Lee
Ryan Chon
Samuel Koch
Sonia Warrior
Stephanie Manning
Victoria Bliss
William Kim
Yevgeny Dodzin
Yingyin Chen

Next year, our seniors will attend….

Boston Conservatory
Boston University
Florida State University
George Mason University
Indiana University at Bloomington
James Madison University
Johns Hopkins University - Peabody Conservatory
Liberty University
Mercer University
Oberlin Conservatory
Princeton University
The Colburn School
The College of William and Mary
The Juilliard School
The Ohio State University School of Music
University of Illinois
University of Maryland College Park
University of North Texas - School of Music
University of Rochester
University of Virginia
Utah State University
Virginia Tech
Yale University