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Top 10 Questions

Top 10 Questions

1. Why can't I videotape concerts?

The subject of videography is one that is discussed each year. It ultimately comes down to copyright and licensing. In order to video a concert, three licenses -- Mechanical (audio), Synchronization (video) and Performance -- must be obtained, all of which cost hundreds of dollars. The other issue comes down to copyright and distribution. Any works published after 1922 are still under copyright, and cannot be published or distributed without appropriate authorization.


2. How are rehearsal location/times determined?

Our rehearsals take place primarily at 2 locations -- Kilmer Middle School and Marshall High School. Between these 2 schools, we host 5 orchestras, 4 instrumental ensembles, and the Chamber Ensemble Program. There are a number of reasons that we use these schools for rehearsals:

  • LOCATION - We know traffic in Northern Virginia is terrible, so there is no single location that would work for everyone. We have more than 400 students coming from ALL directions. The Tysons area is a centralized location for all students. See a map of where a majority of students come from. Marshall and Kilmer are both in close proximity (<3 miles) to each other. This allows artistic and administrative staff to commute quickly between both schools. 
  • COMMUNITY USE - We have well-established relationships with both Kilmer MS and Marshall HS. Because of this, we are able to use many of their classrooms and rehearsal spaces. We meet each summer with FCPS Community Use directors to discuss our venue needs and requests for the upcoming school year. 
  • PERCUSSION GEAR - All of our orchestras (including AYDO/AYSE) utilize percussion gear at some point during the season. We have a small inventory of our own percussion gear, which gets stored in sheds at both Marshall and Kilmer. However, we utilize much of the gear already in the band room at each school. Again, we are fortunate to have long-standing relationships with the band directors at both schools, allowing us to use their gear each week.
  • OCCASIONAL REHEARSALS AT MCLEAN - McLean High School has the largest band room in Fairfax County, thus the reason for the occasional AYP/CO/SO rehearsals there. For AYP students, Ms. Alimena has specific requested that rehearsals be held at McLean whenever possible, to allow the orchestra to spread out more and have coaches move around each section. 
  • REHEARSAL DAY/TIME - AYPO has historically always held rehearsals on Monday evenings. This day/time will not change in the foreseeable future. Just like there is no single location that will work for everyone, there is no single rehearsal time that will work for everyone. A variety of factors play into this as well, including cost (there is an additional weekend fee to use Kilmer/Marshall/McLean), coach availability (many of our coaches come from the NSO, which does not rehearse on Monday evenings), and general student activities (vacations, SATs, marching band, etc). 


6. Can there be more opportunities for all students to perform, join in masterclasses, etc? 

5. Why is the absence policy so strict?

10. Why aren't there more social opportunities?

9. Why don't we go on tours?

3. How is seating placement determined?

4. Why is it required that I also participate in my school music program?