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Video Audition Instructions




Please mind the Specific deadline for your video audition...

  1. Allow adequate time before the deadline to troubleshoot recording/upload issues, should they arise.
  2. Make sure you have the right audition excerpts, requirements, tempi, etc.
  3. While recording, make sure nothing is obstructing you or your instrument.
  4. Listen through your recording to ensure clarity and adequate volume.
  5. Upload your video recording to YouTube. Video files submitted in other formats will not be accepted. Steps for YouTube uploads can be found here.
  6. During upload, select the “Unlisted” privacy option. This allows you to still share the video link with us without making the video viewable to the public. More info here.
  7. Email by the deadline. Your email should contain:
  • The YouTube video link – check this link to make sure it works.
  • Your first and last name
  • Instrument
  • Orchestra/audition level (AYDO, AYSE, AYCO, AYSO, AYP)

Email well in advance of the deadline with questions.

 Compliance with these instructions is essential. Please note that if your audition is late, absent, or not submitted in accordance with the instructions above, your audition may be disqualified.